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UV235 Impact Sample Notch Broacher

UV235 Impact Sample Notch Broacher


    Impact test is the important experimental method of mechanical properties of materials. Processing of the impact specimen notch generally adopts the special broaching machine and special broach.

      This machine is referred to the latest foreign impact specimen notch broaching machine design and has the following characteristics:

1. Design of structure is compact and component processing is precise; the machine adopts the linear guide and precision ball screw transmission structure, ensure the motion parts running precise and reliable and the broach operation state stable and accurate. Mechanical movement is exempt from the hydraulic transmission maintenance inconvenience and the risk of oil spills.

2. It adopts the broach precision positioning structure and ensures the geometric accuracy of incision; and the trimming specimen positioning device can realize the fine turning of depth of notch processing and ensure the gap size precision.

3. It has the advantages of rapid tool change and free adjustment. This machine adopts unique broach installation and fixed mode, not only with convenient replacement of broach (each tool change only need 1 minute), but also without any adjustment after change. The advantage of rapid free adjustment tool change make need not use double knife structure.

4. The broach has the advantages of simple structure and small size; reduce the cost of cutting tool.

5. It has multiple-safety protection device. In addition to the up and down stroke limit protection of broach, the broach can action after open table cover and it avoids misoperation. After open the table cover, it can be as an extension of working table (additional), to place the tool and specimen, rated load 5Kg.

6. The working noise is extremely low, quiet environment for laboratory use.


Main Parameters:

Notch form

2mm “V” notch; 2mm, 3mm, 5mm “U” notch


GB/T229-2007, ISO148, EN 10045.1-1990, ASTM E23-2002a

Sample size

10 × 10 (or 7.5, 5) × 55mm

Broach travel


Broaching speed

20 mm/s


320×460×1050 mm

Power supply

380V, 50Hz

Working noise

Less than 55dB (1 meter)





UV235 Impact Sample Notch Broacher

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